Thanks for joining us for the November Foxtrot 100th Episode Charity Raffle!

As part of our 100th Episode we have spoken to a number of our supporters and they have very kindly donated a number of prizes to our 100th Episode Charity Raffle!


For those of you that follow the show, we don’t run the podcast for any financial gain and as such we have picked the RBLI as a Veteran Support Charity here in the UK to donate all the proceeds of the raffle to celebrate our 100th episode!

The RBLI undertake amazing work with Veterans and their families... to be honest, I was trying to summarise all the good things that they do - but we struggled to really do them justice, so if you would like to find out more about them then please head over to their website HERE.


Please note that the raffle is in no way connected with the RBLI - only the money donated to them through the purchase of tickets. Please do not contact them with any queries about the Raffle! They won't have a clue what you're talking about!


Message Received!

  1. You must live in the UK to be eligible to win a prize.

  2. You must and be over the age of 18 due to some of the prizes containing airsoft replicas.

  3. Donations must be made by midnight on the 24th October to be considered eligible for the raffle. Any donations after this time will not be included within the raffle.

  4. If you win an airsoft replica you must be able to satisfy the suppliers requirements for selling replica imitation firearms through the provision of a form of defence under the VCRA 2006 or accept the airsoft gun may be issued in 2-tone colouring.

  5. This competition is in no way supported by the RBLI. The RBLI is just the recipient charity selected to benefit from the donations raised.

  6. Your donation through JustGiving does not entitle you to any financial or material gain. The donation made through JustGiving is a donation in accordance with the terms and conditions of the JustGiving platform. Any allocated raffle tickets will be issued at the discretion of November Foxtrot in accordance with the competition rules and terms and conditions.

  7. When registering your donation, you accept that your contact details will only be used for the duration of this competition and will not be stored or used for any other purpose. Please note, your information will not be used for any other marketing purposes or shared with third parties. Your information will be deleted after the competition ends.

  8. The winner of each prize will be selected by raffle during the live show on Wednesday 26th October (8pm on Facebook and YouTube).

  9. The raffle is a non-profit giveaway with entry allocated by the donation of funds to a third-party charity. November Foxtrot is not making any financial gain from the event and has attempted at every occasion to ensure the event meets the standards and laws on gambling, raffles and lotteries in accordance with UK law.

  10. November Foxtrot reserves the right to include additional legal stuff should this be required to protect ourselves. Notification of any changes to this list of terms and conditions will be notified through our podcast episodes in the event that this occurs. Ultimately, we just want to try and raise some money for charity and are offering an incentive to do so.


1)    First read our terms and conditions to make sure you are eligible to enter!

Whilst your donation will be gratefully received by the RBLI, you need must be eligible to enter the raffle. Full terms and conditions can be found on our website


2)    Raffle tickets are allocated based on the amount of money donated on JustGiving – this means you know 100% of the money raised goes to the RBLI! Each donation of £5 provides you with a raffle ticket up to a maximum of 4 tickets, however - single donations of £20 or more will be allocated 4 tickets plus an additional bonus ticket.

You can make the donation here:


Here are some examples:

£4.99 = no raffle ticket

£5 = 1 raffle ticket

£10 = 2 raffle tickets

£15 = 3 raffle tickets

£20 or more = 5 raffle tickets (maximum)


3)    When placing your donation, you must select the option to show your name on the donation page. This will allow us to match your donation to your raffle tickets.


4)    Once you have made your donation, you need to go to the and register your donation using the contact form so that we can collect some key information to enter you into the raffle (most importantly your address if you win a prize!).


5)    Each raffle ticket will be entered into the live draw on the 100th episode – so be sure to watch live at 8pm on Wednesday 26th October on Facebook or YouTube. Links can be found on the top of our website. Good Luck!