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Welcome to the podcast!

If you're reading this page, then you have kindly accepted our invite to join us on one of our podcast episodes!

Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to get involved with the podcast. We really appreciate your time and we hope that you will enjoy being on the show! Hopefully the information below should help answer any questions you might have about the stream as well as how it's recorded, etc. Please take the time to review the information - but if you have any questions then just drop one of the us a message.

Episodes go live at 8pm. If there is any variation to this – we will let you know in advance.


We will send you a link to access the green room (the behind the scenes waiting room). You don’t need any special software, the stream is all website based. If you can be online by 7.45 at the latest, this will give us time to double check everything is working.


If you have any issues with the StreamYard software, or how it works, check out the StreamYard Guest Guide here!


Top tips for a good stream quality, try to get light on your face and minimise background noise as much as possible. We also ask if you can use headphones for your audio to minimise interference and feedback!


The stream starts and ends with a video clip. At the end of the show, if you hang around until the stream ends – we usually have a bit of a debrief and quick chat about how it went as well as taking the opportunity to thank you for coming on the show!


A Few Rules...

  1. No RIFs can be shown / handled or located in the background of the podcast. Due to YouTube terms of use, this will prevent us from streaming. At the first sign of this you may be temporarily returned to the green-room to prevent us from breaching the YouTube T’s&C’s.

  2. We don’t actively slate players, companies, events, sites or products. If you wish to express a negative opinion regarding a topic for example “the product broke within 10 minutes of use” – this is a fair and factual review and therefore perfectly acceptable.

  3. November Foxtrot tries to disengage from airsoft “politics” and give a fair representation. We all have our own opinions on certain people, sites, etc – but when on the show we are trying to promote the positivity within the airsoft community and basically, just slagging someone or something off without them having the opportunity to defend themselves is a bit of a dick move.

  4. Similar to point 2 – we only promote products / people / sites and events that we have had experience with and like. We are in no way benefiting from discussing positive reviews. If there is any active promotion by our guests, we expect this to be raised with the team prior to the podcast so that we can make our audience aware as appropriate.

    For example – if you are an event organiser, it will be clear that you will be advertising your own events and therefore that is perfectly acceptable.

  5. If you wish to discuss a certain product/site because you have been rewarded to do so – we need to make that clear to our audience.

  6. We have no restriction on “bad” language, swear as much as you like – but hey… let’s try and keep it light!


Any questions – just let us know!

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