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Welcome to November Foxtrot, a community of airsofters getting together to chat about MilSim, airsoft kit, have a laugh, meet new people and maybe... just maybe... learn something new!

We have put this website together to help share information as well as provide a hub for all things airsoft MilSim.

It all started with the idea of doing a weekly show to chat about what kit we use as a way of fighting off some of that Covid boredom - but has since bloomed into a community of awesome people.

Be it through the Facebook groups, Instagram, YouTube or at events, it has been awesome to build a little community of fellow "NoFos".
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Hosted by these three idiots, the shows generally run live on Wednesday evenings at 8pm watchable on YouTube or Facebook.

Feel free to come and join us live, or you can listen back on catch-up through YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Apple Podcasts... or even through your home smart device (Alexa or Google) if you really want to!

Any kit reviews are completely impartial and we aim to never just advertise stuff. If you're spending your money on something - you want to hear genuine reviews, not just a positive review to sell you a product!


Did you know? We don't make money from our deals and offers - Any discount codes have been agreed merely to reward to the November Foxtrot community. So when you see a reccomendation on November Foxtrot, you can be sure it's an honest reccomendation and not something we have been paid to sell you!

We actually don't gain financially from anything at November Foxtrot at all,
it's a total "
Not for Profit" operation! Any money that we raise all goes back
into the running of the podcast. Whether it's for events, the running costs of the show, giveaways or things like that.
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