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What's a MilSim?

In terms of airsoft, a MilSim stands for “Military Simulation” and is an event typically aiming to promote a sense of realism and immersion into an event.

Other similar variations include BattleSim and FilmSim which come with their own distinct elements (differences in length of event, etc) but which ultimately aim for a more realistic gameplay.

If you have never been to a MilSim before, you might find that diving into a 48 hour game is a bit extreme, especially if it's in the middle of winter with the cold and rain. We would suggest that you try a BattleSim or FilmSIm first which are typically shorter games with the advantages of extra creature comforts.

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There are loads of different events that run around the world which vary in story, when they are set, what factions are fighting each other and the camouflages used.


It’s important to have an idea of the event you are planning to attend so that you can plan your kit accordingly. Generally two good starting kits are NATO or PMC/"Rebel".








For more loadout ideas, check out our loadouts "mood board"


Generally, most MilSim events will features a “NATO” loadout option. This is generally characterised by mtp / multicam camouflage (with some variations) and is arguably one of the most prolific camouflages used at any airsoft event. With multiple cost options, you can create a loadout suitable to your gaming style (be it a rifleman, sniper, support gunner, radio specialist, etc) on a budget and with ease. NATO loadouts are usually regarded as “BLUFOR” which stands for “Blue Forces”.


Civilian / PMC forces are typically block colours, tans & olives give good flexibility and allow you to mix and match to a greater variety of loadouts. Whether you need to play as a drug gangster at a “DEA” event, a Private Military Contractor (PMC), a rebellious civilian population or even a post-apocalyptic survivor – the base colours can be tweaked with smaller touches and amendments to fit the role you need.


Obviously there are a multitude of loadouts that you can create for different events. These include Russian loadouts, WW2, Vietnam, SWAT, Police, DEA, etc etc the list is pretty much endless.


You will most likely attend events based on the loadouts that you have, ie you may find because you have invested in a Russian kit that you will tend to play events and factions that suit this loadout, but you may find that a Civilian / PMC style loadout is relatively simple to create if you fancy mixing it up!


In terms of weapons, some events may require you to use specific airsoft gun styles for certain teams or roles. This will be game dependant and we urge you to check with the event rules before you book on. For that immersion factor, it can be a tad unusual to see a player emulating a US soldier running around with a gold AK47…

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What Kit Will I need


After you have an idea of the sort of event you want to go to and the loadout you need, the next thing you need to do is basically “survive the weekend”.


Events can be different lengths ranging from single day events, events which span two days but stop overnight allowing you to camp comfortably or up to events which are 48 hours long with no breaks in play and which require you to sleep outside.


It is vital that you plan your sleep system, shelter system and cook system accordingly as well as pack for the appropriate weather conditions.


This is where November Foxtrot comes in – our weekly episodes discuss a range of MilSim kit covering cold and wet weather as well as different shelter systems, etc.

Or if there is something we haven’t covered – pop us a question on our contact us form!

We have also produced a typical kit list that you might want to download and use for planning what to take to your next event. Obviously depending on the event - you won't need everything on the list or you might find there are things that you decide to add..

Check out our intel page to download it!

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What's Next?


You have the gear, you have survived your first event and you're ready for more! Go check out some of the events  in our events calendar to get ready for your next event!


Check out our intel section too. We have a heap of useful links and materials you might want to use!

You might also want to check out our podcast (if you haven't already!) where we discuss kit, events and all things airsoft MilSim!

If you can join us live on Wednesday evenings (8pm GMT) feel free to jump on the chat to raise discussion topics or throw out a request for advice. Failing that you can also drop us questions on Facebook, Instagram or via our contact form on the website!

See you at the next event!

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