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Updated: May 4, 2022

Review : KAMUI portable camping chair aka "The Poo Chair"

Cost: £36.00 (Amazon - 03/05/2022)

Why I bought this:

I got this more for the east days out family picnic light weight trips to the woods, and a handy chair to keep in the car that takes up minimal space.

First impressions:

What I found after getting the chair is that it’s one of those luxury items that I can afford to have on me at a weekend event. I know it’s drama sitting on top of your Bergen, but to have a chair to take the load off when on down time be it in a forest or urban area is a welcome addition.

The chair itself is super light weight and packs down nice and small. It comes in a robust Carry bag with a removable shoulder strap and multiple loops for attaching it to a kit bag or similar (molle or webbing).


Very easy to assemble and pack away.

The aircraft grade aluminium poles are elasticated through each other so essentially once you undo the Velcro retaining strap you can flick the frame together very quickly wit

hout the risk of loosing any parts.

The seat itself is incredibly robust made from a high quality strong material. I weigh 15.5 stone and it holds my weight very comfortably and I have also used this chair when I was heavier at 16.5 stone.


With its super light weight design and easy put up and break down design this chair really is a non-burden luxury you can afford.

It has a handy storage pocket on the side to hold your phone or other small items when your seated. It will easily sit in the roof of a Bergen or patrol pack or for quick access can be clipped to any external hold point of a bag or pack.

As I’ve mentioned it is made with very strong durable materials that won’t let you down and for a relatively small chair it gives a nice reasonably low profile seating position.


I guess one thing that could make this chair ever so slightly better would be the addition of a pocket on each side instead of just the one.

Another thing to bare in mind is that this chair is very light weight so can easily be blown over if there is no weight in the seat area.

I found this out after my 1st chair I got blown over and the top section landed near some very hot coals which melted the securing point rendering the chair useless - However I loved it so much I immediately got another one as it’s that good!


To start with - yes there are hundreds of cheaper options of chair on the market and I’ve been camping for many years and I’ve tried all sorts of styles and types in varying price ranges, and I have to say most of them have either broke after one trip or at least shown signs of wear and tear after a couple.

This chair has never failed me I’ve plonked my sizeable arse in it on many occasion and it’s remained solid and comfortable.

Yes there are bigger more comfortable chairs out there, however is your looking for a smallish lightweight chair that takes up minimal room when packed away (about the size of half a rocket pouch I would say) then look no further than this chair.


Functionality: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Quality: 5/5

MilSim Value: 4/5



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