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Review : SOLOGNAC Warm Long Socks

Cost: £5.99 (Decathlon - 03/05/2022)

Why I bought this:

I wear work boots every night and needed a new pair of hardy socks to go on over my regular sport socks.

I took a punt at these ones and haven’t looked back in nearly 4 years.

First impressions:

These are a very hardy sock that stand up to the riggers of being worn every day at work, in boots, covering hundreds of meters every night.

They are superbly comfortable and very insulating to keep the tootsies warm and stand up well to the environment.


A fantastic sock that truly does last, I use mine every day for work in the summer and winter and they just work for me really well - don’t get me wrong after a year of being used day in day out there are signs of the product wearing out, but I would say that’s understandable after being in constant daily use.

I use these all year round and I don’t notice my feet sweating in the summer months and they insulate very well in the winter months.


Good solid build quality with a reinforced heal comfortable to wear with the elasticated top they remain in place, at work my orange trousers get tucked into the top and again no movement at all even after a year of use.

Easy to maintain a simple wash on 30 with no tumble drying or ironing just hang dry and they are good to go again.


Nothing that springs to mind with these, they are a good all round sock and I highly recommend these to go in with any MilSim camping or work kit.


I can’t recommend these enough they have been brilliant for me for a few years now for work, MilSim, camping and fishing all sorts of different situations requiring work or walking boots these socks certainly serve there purpose well and truly do look after your feet.


Functionality: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Quality: 5/5

MilSim Value: 4/5



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