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Review : Vortex Crossfire 2 - Red Dot

Cost: £154.95 (Optics Warehouse - 30/03/2022)

Why I bought this:

I had 2/3 red dots shot out within a few months and was getting sick of spending £50 a time on a new red dot so went with vortex as they offer a VIP life time warranty.

First impressions:

Very well packaged, red dot was nice and secure in a thick strong box. Inside you find the red dot, cleaning cloth, star key for fixing.

The sight has a nice clean Matte black anodised finish.


The sight is Waterproof, NVG compatable, Unlimited eye relief and has 11 brightness settings. All of these make for a small little beast for close quarter to medium range target acquisition BUT the Crossfire 2 is compatible with the vortex magnifier making it easy to use for all contact engagement distances.

Having the 11 brightness settings means you can adjust it to your own personal preference but 3 of these settings are for NVG use so you can run duels and still have a red dot usage at all times.


The main positive is the life time VIP warranty which covers from bb hits, to being dropped off a truck and ran over. This cover also stays in place even if you have sprayed them.

Another good positive is its weight at only 5.2oz which means you only have a small amount of added weight.

Power usage is amazing I have had this crossfire for two years now and have still not had to change the battery and I have also left it on for days at a time!


If i was to pick out any negatives, there would only a couple:

One would be that it is only a red dot you don’t get to choose another colour.

The second would be that on my Tm mk18 when wearing peltors i found it sometimes hard to look round but have changed the legs to a unity mount - which gives a higher mounting point. BUT I would like to add this was only after changing my headset and rear stock.


A great red dot with amazing battery life very well built and a pleasure to use, but the life time warranty on it is the winner for me.

Although at a high price bracket (for me at least) you are clearly paying for what you get with this little beast.


Functionality: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Quality: 5/5

MilSim Value: 5/5



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