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Review : Mechanix Wear: M-Pact Leather Framer Work Gloves

Cost: £29.95 (Amazon - 12/01/2022)

Why I bought this:

I had a set of these bad boys for the past 4 years for both work and for use in airsoft, and I have to say they are the best set of gloves I’ve ever owned.

First impressions:

Having already owned a set of these gloves and put them through the ringer over 4 years I knew what to expect - that lovely new leather smell and perfect comfortable fit for a medium size pair (for other work gloves I’m a size 9 if that helps anyone with sizing).


These gloves are super comfy and offer great protection across the knuckle, palm and back of the hand.

They can also be worn for longer periods of time without that slight hand ache that I’ve found some gloves can cause either from compression or fitment.

They offer a great amount of grip and rugged durability.


Super strong - they offer fantastic protection, not to mention being very well constructed using impact resistant materials and stitching.

Comfortable to wear and they also look cool AF!


I’m going to struggle here as like I said this is my second pair of these bad boys,

If I had to be picky then I’d have to say as they are fingerless on the thumb trigger and middle finger then these three fingers will get dirty for obvious reasons as they aren’t covered.

The only other negative would be is that they don’t stay looking brand new for long, but - in my opinion that’s rightly so as they should be put through the mill and made to work hard!


I can’t recommend these gloves enough as they are very hard wearing, tough and also offer great protection for your hands. They come in both a full fingered and fingerless variant (the latter is what I have). I chose the fingerless versions as I require the dexterity in my fingers whilst working with small mechanical and electrical parts and wires at work.


Functionality: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

MilSim Value: 5/5



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