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Review : O-Light i3E EOS


£9.95 (Amazon - 24/01/2022)

Why I bought this:

If I’m honest, this was a completely random purchase during the Black Friday sale.

I’d already purchased the Perun 2 head torch and then noticed this little thing and decided to take a punt on it.

First impressions:

Well packaged one thing I’ve noticed with all O-light products, and more than that what was inside completely surprised me.

This little tiny cutie pie mini-winy-woo-woo of a torch packs a bloody good punch!!! No bigger than my little finger went to market, this tiny fire fly of a torch chucks out a throw of light sitting comfortably at 90 lumens!!


This little beast packs a 90 lumens punch and it feels incredibly strong and rugged for its size. With an IPX 8 rating this can be submerged in up to 2m of water without damage!

Powered by a single AAA battery with a run time of 45 mins on alkaline and 60 mins on nimh, and with a simple twist on/off function at the bevel is a great little feature that won’t turn on accidentally if it’s in your pocket or pack.


Strong reliable compact an essential bit of kit for your admin EDC or camping kit bag.

Tied off onto a lanyard in a pocket or put on your key chain this will be called into use time and time again.


This is a small compact torch, that would require a lanyard or safety cord to secure it as I believe this could well be easily lost if left as a singular item.

It’s not the longest running time power wise at only 45 mins or 60 mins depending on type of battery used.

That’s the negatives done with!


A great torch to have on you at all times small enough for it not to be a hinderance and yet packing a punch to get you out of a bind when needed.

Having said that I would happily use this torch to carry out multiple MilSim or leisure camping tasks.


Functionality: 4/5

Value: 5/5

Quality: 4/5

MilSim Value: 4/5

Overall Review Score:


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