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Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Review : O-light Perun2 Head Torch (2500 lumens)


£89.95 (Amazon - 06/01/2022)

Why I bought this:

I purchased this as I required a replacement to my other head torch which was being repaired and could last me whilst at work and also withstand the riggers of the railway and the outdoors.

Having read up on this particular torch and talking with people who also own O-light products my mind was made up and I ordered it.

First impressions:

So from arrival it is very well packaged with clear instructions guidelines, a nice little touch is the threading needle included in the kit to enable the installation of the wrist lanyard to be a fixed to the torch body.

The body construction is solid and feels very robust the supplied head 3 point strap also feels very strong and also comfortable to where with or without a cap or hard hat.

The charging function of the magnetic charging disc is really solid and makes a reassuring snap/click when it connects.


This torch comes with varying degrees of brightness that can be easily changed to suit your environment, you can also boost the torch to put out a massive 2500 lumens of light which is impressive in what would be an otherwise pitch dark railway environment.

The battery power is impressive after a single full charge it lasted me for 4 shifts at work so in terms of time the torch always used that’s a solid 12hrs on a high setting which to me is impressive.


The Perun 2 is a very robust torch with a good wide throw of light, it also features a proximity setting so if your reading or looking at a close up object the light will auto dim as to not dazzle or flood the object or text your reading - a very smart feature.

It’s magnetic charging gives a solid connection and having this magnetic base makes it very versatile for mounting onto objects for work tasks etc.

The utility clip is dual mountable so it can either be slid onto a strap or molle loop or pulled up onto it either way it’s a solid fixing point.

It holds a very good charge which will easily see you through any weekend camping trip or potentially longer if used on a lower power setting.

Price wise I feel it is a reasonable price for the unit and I believe it warrants the price tag.


I have to say there aren’t many at all, I’m putting my MilSim head on for this bit - Would I use this torch for MilSim?

If I’m honest (from my own experience using this torch), I probably wouldn’t. The reason for this is I find it a little to big and to powerful to warrant being in the MilSim kit.

I think a head torch used in your personal kit shouldn’t need to be any greater than around 100 - 150 lumens max for squaring away your personal admin or prepping kit or food etc.

(This was taken during Lance's work - Don't play on the railway!)

A smaller variant of this torch is available but I can’t comment on that as I don’t own one.

However this is an incredibly good torch as a solid all rounder it can be head band mounted hand held the magnetic base makes it great as a work light also, and it’s perfect for lighting up a large area for a considerable time.


All in all this is a very well made bit of kit that I

always have in my go bag as a back up work head torch and a general day to day torch. From working out in my garage, to night time walks in the forest with the dog, the Perun2 covers all the bases for me and it’s an absolute keeper in my kit list for camping trips walks and work.


Functionality: 5/5

Value: 4/5

Quality: 5/5

MilSim Value: 3/5

Overall Review Score:

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