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Updated: Mar 10

Review : STANLEY Trigger Action Travel Mug (0.35L)

Cost: £29.52 (Amazon – 14/03/2022)

Why I bought this:

I was in need of a new mug for work as mine had broken.

I’ve always liked the Stanley range of flasks and when I spotted this I I took the plunge and hoped the quality of their flasks was echoed in their cups.

First impressions:

A very robust design that feels strong and tight when done up.

I went with the classic green colour obviously!


This is a fantastic cup that fits nicely inside an webbing 5.56 magazine pouch much like the ammo flask style of the British army.

The trigger action is fantastic and doesn’t leak at all even after using every day for over a year it still holds a brilliant seal, to the point of when you first use it the cup will build up pressure from the steam of a hot drink!

I use this flask every day for a hot drink to take to work, and it really does keep drinks lovely and hot.

I haven’t timed this but for the amount of time you’d require a hot drink in a cup to keep hot this really does the trick nicely.


Strong reliable and with an easy design, no tapering of the body or smaller base area like some cups, this cup sits nicely in most vehicle cup holders but doesn’t fit all.

However with the fantastic trigger action you could leave this laying on the front seat or pop it in a back pack and be safe in the knowledge it won’t leak.

The internal parts are easily removed from the lid for cleaning which will keep the cup fresher and working well.

The design of the drinking lip prevents any spills or drips whilst drinking and just after.


I genuinely can’t think of any negatives for this cup.

The only thing perhaps I would say to maintain heat for longer would be to combine this cup with an outer thermal cup jacket.

And also the addition of a clip on the lid to attach it to a bag or strap would be handy.


If you in the market for a new cup I couldn’t recommend this enough, yes there are cheaper ones out there and by all means you don’t have to get this one.

However with its life time warranty and amazing build quality personally I think it’s worth every Penny of its price tag.


Functionality: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Quality: 5/5

MilSim Value: 5/5



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